Nowadays, the increase impact of the Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) in our society makes necessary to make visible the benefit of therapies. At the same time, this makes it necessary to set up a script to follow in the therapy’s implementations. It is based on the people whom it is intended.

For this reason, Rey Juan Carlos University is working in the creation of programs and takes over the responsibility of supporting other existing ones. The intention is to promote the need to investigate from the data obtained in the programs carried out. The objective is to get a scientific basis that allows to believe in the AAI and the benefits of the animals for people with some kind of difficulty. The obtaining of this data is possible thanks to the collaboration of the office´s teamwork with the entities that carry out the programs.

As a result of this idea, the new Office of Animal Assisted Interventions has been created by University Extension Vice-Rector. This will be responsible for ensuring everything previously highlighted.

All of this would not be possible without the teamwork of many entities, both public and private.

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