An innovative office at national level that works both internally (reporting and training to the students of University) and externally.
It is possible thanks to a multidisciplinary team that allows to reach a wide range of action.

  • Director Dr. María Soledad García Gómez
  • Director. Israel González García
  • Administrative: Francisco Serrano Sánchez (Graduated in primary education)
  • Apprwentice: Carla Yubero Martín (Graduated in biology) (high school teacher)

There is a multidisciplinary team consisting of professionals in education, health and social.

• Luz Jaramillo González. Graduated in teaching
• Katya Vazquez Quer. Graduated in Psycology
• Celia Parra Cepeda. Occupational Therapist
• Maylos Rodrigo Claverol. Doctorate in Medicine
• Javier Vallejo Bermejo. Graduated in Social Education
• Carlos Casanova Gonzalvo. Doctor in physiotherapy
• Milagros Benito Hernández. Graduated and in Veterinary
• Carlos Bueren. Director of animal training programs. (Instructor of assistance dogs)
• Alba de la Gándara. Dog Instructor Epileptic Seizure Detectors in the United Kingdom


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